Community benefit ventures & projects


' community benefit ventures & projects' are services which are provided with the main objective of serving the wider technical and scientific land & water community. Outputs are generally open access or freely accessible to the end user through the and related sites. services have been provided since 1994.


Summary of services - open knowledge framework

  • Open knowledge development and dissemination framework e-publish - Open access publishing & publisher

  • e-Journal of Land and Water (eJLW) - peer reviews scientific journal
  • Scientific articles, review articles, technical articles, discussion papers, technical reports, conference papers, on-line books, technical and scientific series, other type of publications


Virtual Library Irrigation & Hydrology - Technical repositories on-line

  • Content and document hosting (open access)
  • Technical and scientific repositories on-line
  • Technical and scientific reprints
  • IRRISOFT software reviews and downloads, etc.


IRRISOFT - software & online application framework

  • Technical online applications (open access)
  • Software database, reviews, descriptions and downloads


Professional communications & discussions

  • IRRIGATION-L - email discussions on irrigation theory and practice
  • eNews
  • Other customised communication & discussion services