Main research areas


  • Analysis of the use of sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • Research in the field of micro-irrigation systems.
  • Development and spatial distribution of sprinkler irrigation in Australia.
  • Development and revision of design criteria for pitcher irrigation systems.


Specific research areas


  • Composition of fired ceramic materials and effects on saturated hydraulic conductivity.
  • Firing temperature and production process of ceramic materials and effects on saturated hydraulic conductivity.
  • Variation in saturated hydraulic conductivity in fired ceramic materials.
  • Effects of hydraulic conductivity on soil - porous ceramic interaction.
  • Effects of crop water usage on seepage rates from porous ceramic containers.
  • Crop development in relation to radial distance sub-surface water source under various watering regimes.
  • Practical implications on the use of low cost, labour intensive irrigation systems.


Research interests

  • Sematic analysis of water and irrigation related research conducted world wide as a means of targeted and effective research development.
  • Crop water requirement and irrigation scheduling.
  • Alternative irrigation systems.
  • Drought proofing.