Business and service profile


Technical support and expert opinion on issues related to the water resources and knowledge sector, more specifically covering:

  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Agricultural water management
  • International development
  • Knowledge & communication system


Research support

Scientific, knowledge and administrative support through e.g.:

  • Project management and support services
  • Literature and information research
  • Data handling and analysis
  • Content analysis (e.g. technical semantic unstructured (web)content analysis)


Technical editing, writing and publishing

Scientific and technical support in the water resources sector, more specifically covering irrigation, drainage and agricultural water management through:

  • Proof reading
  • Technical editing
  • Technical writing
  • Document preparation, handling and finalisation
  • Publishing ( e-publish - open access see below)


Knowledge management & communications

E.g. community benefit ventures & projects:

  • Through a variety of community benefit ventures & projects (definition) are being provided which are technically related to 'land and water'. They form the basis for national as well as international cooperations with professionals, institutions and government agencies with the mandate of open access to end users.
  • Additional details may be requested or accessed from the 'projects section'.


Information & communication systems

Predominantly dedicated information and communications systems related to 'land and water'. Other services and fields on request:

  • Content management systems
  • Website development
  • Managed domain, website and content hosting
  • Virtual domain, content and email handling
  • CD development & production (e.g. CD website)
  • Email newsletters
  • Project support and consultancies
  • Content development and support