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TMS Stein's Backup (Pro)

TMS Stein's Backup (Pro)

Backup program / software for Microsoft Windows OS

  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) is a MS Windows program designed to backup data and files based on directory structure. Based on the simple layout and protected by secure admin layer, day-to-day backups can be performed safely and easily even by less experienced users.



  • Commercial
    TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) can be downloaded and tested for free and in unrestricted form for a fixed period of time - no registration required. Various licence options exist and are published on-line.


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IRRISOFT Siphon - Screen

An on-line irrigation tool for computing the discharge of siphons

  • IRRISOFT Siphon is an on-line irrigation tool which allows to compute the discharge of one or a self defined number of siphons easily adjustable for various field conditions. IRRISOFT Siphon was released in 2006 and is free to use.



  • Stein, T.-M., 2006:
    IRRISOFT Siphon V. 1.0 @ - An on-line irrigation tool for computing the discharge of siphons.- IRRISOFT software on-line tools at