Thomas-M. Stein (TMS)

Services and technical support on issues related to the water resources and knowledge sector more specifically in the fields of irrigation, drainage, agricultural water management, international development and knowledge & communication systems.


I graduated in agricultural science in 1986. Since then I have worked in research, dedicated knowledge management and international development for national and international bodies and as a freelance consultant. Thematically projects were related to the wider field of irrigation, drainage and agricultural water management.


I am passionate about water in the agricultural, horticultural as well environmental context. I believe that open and unimpeded access to key and quality knowledge can advance balanced and informed decisions on water leading towards a sustainable development and food security while protecting the environment.


Business profile

Self employed

  • Freelance consultant and scientist in the field of 'land and water'.
  • Technical editing and writing.
  • Knowledge and communications.
  • Project development.
  • Software development.


Dr Thomas-Manuel Stein

BSc. (AgrSc), MSc AE(IE), Dr.-Ing.(Eng)