Terms and conditions

[1] Charges and rates

Base rate  ( * ) : This rate forms the basis for all work conducted. It includes any consultancies, meetings or expert advice in oral or in written form including any expert advice given on the phone or by e-mail. Further details are given under [3].
Details will be provided on request.
Hourly rate  ( * ) : On request.
Daily rate  ( * ) : On request.
Lump sum  ( * ) : Based on project.
Extra charges  : Extra charges may apply for urgent works to be conducted outside the normal business hours and days. Normal business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (AEST) from Monday to Friday excluding weekends and public holidays. Rate may increase up to: 20 % (surcharges)
Other charges  : Travel and vehicle expenses; Printing of documents (colour and black & white) etc, or; As arise or as detailed under [4] and [5].

[2] Time and work tracking

  • The actual time spent on any project or tasks is being tracked accurately with a time tracking program where applicable. While the actual work might be spread out over time, charges only include actual time spent on the project and do not include any slack time. A brief professional service report may be included with any invoice indicating time and tasks performed.
  • For special agreements based on quotes and lump sum payments for the delivery of a product or work, time may no be stated.


[3] Work order and contracts

  • Any work or project agreement is based on the present terms. Details may be agreed as the case arises and a cost/time estimate may be given where appropriate or requested.
  • For major projects work will only commence after an agreement was reached based on the TOR, time and costing framework agreed upon.
  • Special lump sum agreements may be negotiated under special circumstances.
  • For ongoing work or minor projects a conversation, phone call, fax or e-mail request may be considered as a work request and rates will be based on the present terms.
  • ANY work that involves time, the delivery of expert advice or knowledge may be charged for. This could include any technical advice in oral or written form, Internet research and query, review of any document or e-mails, compilation of documents and responses, programming, etc. or any other technical or IT related assistance.
  • An indicative cost estimate may be given at any time and notice will be given if time and costs are expected to exceed the estimate for unforeseen reasons.


[4] Work order changes, cancellations and missed appointments

  • A cancellation fee of 10% of the size of the order may apply.
  • If a work order is being cancelled charges still apply for work already conducted and costs incurred. Cancellation fees will still apply.
  • If a work order is being altered after work has already commenced charges will still apply for work already conducted and costs incurred.
  • If appointments are missed without adequate prior notice a minimum charge of one hour may be brought to account.


[5] Invoicing and payments

  • Regular customers are invoiced on a monthly basis. Payments should be made net within 14 days of issue of the invoice.
  • Single works may be invoiced on completion of the work or report unless otherwise agreed. Payments have to be made as indicated.
  • The preferred payment method is via direct deposit into the bank account as indicated on the invoice. A brief notice of payment made by direct deposit would be appreciated e.g. through an e-mail.
  • Cheque payments are only accepted with prior confirmation.
  • An advance payment of 30% of the estimated costs is normally expected for projects and would be indicated. Other payment details may apply.
  • Payments should be made including transaction fees or payment processing fees if applicable.
  • A statement of account may be issued for regular customers on request.
  • Late payment fee of 10% may apply if payments are not made by the due date.


[6] Confidentiality

  • ( * ) Strictly Confidential - Any contractual agreement, whether in oral or written form, or any rates mentioned or agreed upon, remain strictly confidential and may not be discussed or disclosed to any third party without the formal approval.